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Trade and invest more profitably and less frequently using Directional and Non-Directional options spreads

Time Bandit Trader


Option spread trading generating consistent profits without large portfolio swings.

Stop wiping out months of gains with one or two blown trades. 6 years of consecutive gains yielding 21-75% annually.

Never losing a year…and no fancy math!

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Option Scalper

Weekly options trades targeting 3% – 10% per week

STOP wiping out weeks or months of gains with one or two trades. No fancy math!

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Top 5 Technical Indicators

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Time Bandit Trader
  • 2016 : 2.9%
  • 2015 : 75.14%
  • 2014 : 25.9%
  • 2013 : 51.1%
  • 2012 : 47.6%
  • 2011 : 35.6%
  • 2010 : 21.2%
Option Scalper

Profitably trading income strategies like option credit spreads, iron condors, butterflies, dividend and preferred stocks

STOP overpaying for underperforming services. STOP the spam and useless BS so many services use to justify their existence. START getting results from our newsletters and even free trading ideas!

Welcome to Many Ways To Trade

There are Many Ways To Trade today’s financial markets. This is not your parents stock market and the rules have changed, especially post-2008. Unfortunately, there are many services out there touting huge gains but all those profits can be wiped out with one or two disastrous trades from mismanaged risk.

Stop Losing, Start Winning and Keep It Simple

We are not active traders or hot shot stock jockeys. We are well seasoned, market hardened managers consumed with achieving more with less; more profits and increased confidence with less trading activity and less risk.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

We cut through the Wall Street and Washington BS to deliver value and results efficiently and at fair prices. Our rates are some of the lowest available while our performance is ranked among the highest in the industry. Plus, all our newsletters are billed on a monthly basis and can be cancelled easily at anytime with no penalty should you not find what you are looking for.

It’s rare to find such good support and performance in a newsletter!  –  Lilly B., Member

Simply amazing!!  –  Shirish P., Member

Great job! Really enjoying the honesty and trading skill of your organization!  –  Will Y., Member

I would just like to go on record as expressing SATISFACTION. Your track record speaks for itself … [keep] following your formulas and experience. –  James R., Member

I am [trading] Option Scalper and quite sure all the other services are great as well. No losses, not even close. Have sent them several emails, all with response back from them quickly. Folks, this service is an absolute giveaway at the prices they charge. It needs to be [priced] at least 4 times higher. If you are looking for a great service I would encourage you to give them a try. You will not be disappointed!

Bill P.


Brilliant and professional work coming out of [this] service!

James C.


I just wanted to say that [Many Ways To Trade does] a fabulous job! I love your trades and your commentary [and that you don’t] rush into a risky trade just to satisfy impatient [members]. Other [newsletters] do that and that is why I have left them. I really appreciate the fact that you won’t enter a trade that you don’t feel comfortable with. Thank you for taking each and every trade seriously and watching out for us

Jeff L.


Your discipline is stellar and your service rocks!

Kirk P.


In my opinion, your excellent service [Option Scalper] is the best at finding safe weekly trades, and being able to keep any losses from becoming large, account destroying losses. I will be an Option Scalper customer for a long long time!

Dru E.


Wow this is impressive. I have been at three other services who lost large sums of money because they did not adjust the trades [properly]. Thank you for your due diligence.

Larry R.


Very good service; great price, great value, very good summary of trades and market updates. At the price, it’s worth not even doing any of the trades just to learn and read the stock and market updates.

Micah W.


I am very impressed with your risk aversion and trade management of problem trades.

Steven R.


Amazing! With the volatility of SPY and the way credit spreads hate volatility, to keep the loss at 5% … is unheard of.

Chuck J.


I just wanted to let your group know that I appreciate immensely your patience when placing your trades. I appreciate it so much that I have enrolled my sister in both of your newsletters. You do more than make me money, you allow me to sleep better at night. Also, I know first hand the results of other news letters. Keep up the good work !!!!!!

Don Z.


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