About Many Ways to To Trade

Helping you profitably trade income strategies like option credit spreads, iron condors, butterflies, calendars, dividend and preferred stocks

OUR MISSION: To efficiently and consistently deliver industry leading customer value with minimum risk and maximum performance.

We are not active traders or hot shot stock jockeys. We are well seasoned, market hardened managers consumed with achieving more with less; more profits and increased confidence with less trading activity and less risk.

We cut through the Wall Street and Washington BS to deliver value and results efficiently and at fair prices. In fact, our rates are some of the lowest available while our performance is ranked among the highest in the industry. Plus, all our newsletters are billed on a monthly basis and can easily be cancelled at anytime with no penalty should you not find what you are looking for.

Many Ways To Trade started simply as a way to post and track our trades. The thought was to share our journey and to make us accountable to ourselves for our trading decisions. So, for years we were simply operating independently with friends and family members following our trading..

As time went on our following grew beyond the original small circle. it was then pointed out to us that our performance was highly ranked when compared to other ‘formal’ paid subscription services available. So we teamed up with Accrue Capital to offer our trading strategies in an official manner.

In 2013 Accrue Capital formalized the individual strategies as subscription services and combined them under the ‘Many Ways To Trade’ umbrella for offering. The success since then has been truly out of this world. The strategies continue to perform well and we remain humbled by the support and success of Many Ways To Trade and its loyal members.

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