Autotrade is service provided by many online brokers allowing our trade alerts to be made automatically in your brokerage account for you real-time. It is designed for those not having market access all day or not comfortable entering trades on their own


How Does Autotrade Work?

It works by simply having a brokerage account with one of the brokers listed below whom Many Ways To Trade has an Autotrade agreement with. You set the amount of money, quantity of options contracts, or shares of stock to apply to each trade.

Many Ways To Trade has no access to your account or sensitive information like account balance or account number at any time.

Autotrade is only offered for options trading newsletters only, not PSI – Preferred Stock Investor

How Much Does Autotrade Cost?

Many Ways To Trade offers Autotrade for FREE with any newsletter subscription and most brokers provide it FREE as well.

Autotrade Brokers

We currently Autotrade with the brokers below. We are always looking for new autotrade brokers so let us know if you don’t see your preferred autotrade broker listed.

AutoShares Logo  

Trade Options: $4.95 + $0.35/contract 
(special pricing available for Many Ways To Trade members – contact AutoShares for details)

*AutoShares is a Global Online Broker offering Autotrading Services Worldwide including US, Australian, UK and Worldwide Accounts. AutoShares services over 50 Markets Worldwide.



Autotrade Setup

Begin by contacting your broker to request your account be setup for Autotrade for the Many Ways To Trade newsletter service(s) you are are subscribed to. Your broker will ask you how to want to allocate your accounts funds. You can use $ amount, or # of option contracts per trade. Review the FAQ section for your service’s recommended trading allocation.

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