Time Bandit Trader

Option spread trading generating consistent profits without large portfolio swings.

YTD Performance:

  • 2016 : 2.9%
  • 2015 : 75.14%
  • 2014 : 25.9%
  • 2013 : 51.1%
  • 2012 : 47.6%
  • 2011 : 35.6%
  • 2010 : 21.2%

Stop wiping out months of gains with one or two blown trades. 6 years with only 5 monthly losses and never losing a year…with no fancy math!

$29 per month, cancel anytime

Time Bandit Trader Strategy:

Our easy to follow trades and effective communication makes Time Bandit Trader ideal for investors seeking consistent profits without large portfolio swings. Our conservative and proactive trade management utilizes index and large cap stock options eliminating every traders #1 fear: Major drawdowns

Our primary concern is managing open trades. Our guiding principle states:
“Manage the risk properly and the profit will take care of itself.”

We hate losing money and pride ourselves on not doing so, just take a look at our Track Record below.

Time Bandit Trader Members Receive:

  • 3-6 option trades per options expiration cycle
  • Specific entry and exit prices
  • Real-time alerts with specific order entry instructions
  • Consistent profits, tightly managed losses, and no large drawdowns

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Track Record:

We have nothing to hide and have provided our full track record below. These are actual trades, not paper trades (scroll down).

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many trades does Time Bandit Trader have on at any one time?

3-6 trades per monthly option expiration cycle spanning 2 option expiration cycles.

Q: How should I allocate my money to the Time Bandit Strategy?

Our portfolio capital is split in half for each monthly option expiration cycle with each individual trade carries 30-33% allocation. This portfolio split allows us to participate in 2 options expiration months and distribute our portfolio risk.

$20k portfolio example – 33% per trade allocation:

*March expiration cycle per trade allocation = $3,333 per trade [$20k total portfolio divided by 2, times 33%]

*April expiration cylce per trade allocation = $3,333 per trade [$20k total portfolio divided by 2, times 33%]

Q: When and how are trades released?

Trade alerts are issued by email typically during US market trading hours. Under the correct conditions alerts are issued pre-market open.

Q: Can I receive trades by text message?

We are working to make this requested convenience a reality for customers.

Q: How much money do I need to trade?

There is no minimum. One contract size of one of our typical trades can be opened for as little as $200-500. We recommend at least $1500 per trade to overcome commission costs and realize acceptable profits.

Q: How much money can I make?

While past performance is not predictive of future performance, we are very proud of our returns and confident in our strategy. There are more aggressive strategies out there but they also come with more volatile returns and large drawdown losses as well.

Q: How much money can I lose?

Total loss is limited to the amount allocated to a trade less whatever we received as a credit when we entered the trade. However, we never let a loss get out of control and reach that level. We do everything we can to prevent large losses and have yet to have large drawdown on any trade. Statistically and as experienced in our Track Record, losses should not occur very often.

Q: Can I trade using my retirement accounts?

Yes! Most option brokers allow you to trade these strategies in your IRA, contact your broker to confirm and find out how.

Q: What broker should I use?

There are many choices. Any broker that allows you to trade options will be fine.

Q: Do I have to be glued to my computer to watch intraday trading so I don’t miss anything?

No. We monitor the market all day so you don’t have to.

Q: If I miss a trade the day it is sent out, can I enter the trade the following day?

Yes! We use Good Til Cancel Limit Orders and they many times can be entered in the following days after release; sometimes for an even better entry than recommended in the alert.

Q: How do you close your trades?

Our trades are designed to expire at options expiration. When conditions are rigtht we will close a trade that has realized most of its profit to reinvest the capital into a new opportunity.

Q: Why do you use ETF options (SPY, IWM, etc) and Index options (SPX, RUT, etc)?

When placing a trade we analyze both ETF and Index options and select the best yielding alternative for our investment.

Q: Are Time Bandit Trader’s profits annualized or per trade.

Each trade’s return are for that particular trade, not annualized. Annual portfolio returns are also tracked and displayed in our Track Record.

Q: How do I cancel my subscription?

Cancel your subscription at any time by:
Logging in to your PayPal account –> Go to Profile –> My Money –> Select “Update” in “My Pre-Approved Payments” section –> Select “Cancel Automatic Billing”.

Option spread trading generating consistent profits without large portfolio swings.

$29 per month, cancel anytime

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Time Bandit Trader - Options spread trading Large Cap Stock & EFT Stable profits, low volatility

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